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A blessing for the educated unemployed,underemployed & the exploited... 

There are millions who are educated but unemployed!

There are millions who are underemployed their entire lives!

There are millions who are underpaid and harrassed!

Business is not in everyoneʹs comfort zone or reach.

Also, just imagine the capital required for even small businesses!

Self-employment is nothing less frustrating than a business!

This causes great stress levels which gets rubbed off in the families and the country.

The divide between the haveʹs and have notʹs is getting wider!

People are living miserable lives for lack of good financial position.

When every other avenue seems like a dream or stroke of misfortune, stock trading appears like Godʹs blessing!

Do it anywhere, anytime.

No qualification-bar, no age-sex-caste-region-IQ-class-familybackground-race bar!!!

Anyone can do it if he/she has around 20000/- capital, a demat account and a net-ready PC.

All this requires less than 40000/-.

(mini-nifty requires around 10000/- margin to trade 1,00,000 in nifty. Rest 10000 is for back-up buffer. And around 20000/- for a net-ready PC. )

A 1,00,000/- nifty trade can yield 500*20=10000/- returns

in a trading month of 20 days @0.5% per day average!)

Do it full time, part time, spare time!

All you need to achieve this is





Best business

Why is Stock Trading the best business in the world?
for the following reasons..........

1) anytime, flexible timing (no 9-6 job, no 6am-10pm business complusions)

2) from anywhere (can even trade from mt.everest or from antartica)

3) no or minimal investment (a pc with internet connectivity, a demat account and a good head)

4) minimal amount to start (Can buy even a single stock; even for a tea and samosa stall u need a shop etc worth a few lac rupees; for other businesses u need a crore or more with no guarantee of profits and recovery of investment)

5) no office / shop / infra / furniture / ACs etc.(just need enough space to place ur bum or plant ur 2 feet, how many other businesses permit u that luxury?)

6) no employees - not even a chawkidar or a labour law hassles

7) no overheads - like electricity, water and phone bills, rent, transportation etc.

8) no stocks, no stockyard, no deadstock

9) no sales tax / excise tax etc. headaches

10) no account keeping (ur brokerage does it for u)

11) no inspector/permit hassles

12) no boss

13) no tension of getting out of job, being sacked, recession

14) no "buri nazar" and "hafta" (always out of public glare, unless u have a habit of flaunting money and its side-effects)

15) one of the best returns on investment (many getting 10-15% per month or even more)

16) can pack up ur bag and retire at any time if u wish (how many other businesses allow u to wind up? it is said that - u donʹt own a business - the business owns u - and wonʹt leave u that easily)

17) national development; people participate by contributing towards new startups which generate employment, yield tax, earn foreign currency, generate weakth and bring social prosperity.

and last, but not the least...

18) no customers....!!!



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UndecidedBuy above 8301 Tgt 8319,8348 and 8364 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 8270 Tgt 8254,8226 and 8206 (Nifty Spot Levels)


Are you a Bad Trader

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You Might be a Bad Trader if:

  • You are 100% sure about a trade being a winner so you have no need to manage risk. 

  • You go all in on one trade and  it will make you are break you. 

  • You like to buy deep out of the money stock options not understanding how bad the odds are on them. 

  • You love directly giving unsolicited advice to other traders due to not understanding they have different trading plans and time frames. 

  • You are so new to trading you think it is a place of easy money. 

  • You think traders that talk about risk management and trader psychology are silly and that you are above that. 

  • You brag to much about your account size and last trade, it indicates to me you do not understand the long term in the markets. 

  • You are very loud about your winners but never discuss your losing trades. 

  • You brag to much. 

  • You Might really be a bad trader if: If you attack trading principles that you do not even fully understand due to lack of real trading.


“Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism, and die on euphoria” – Sir John Templeton

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India has first major Bull market when Sensex moved from 400 in 1989 to 4546 in April 1992 a Rally of almost 1100% in matter of 3 years which will be remembered for Liberalization and reforms by Manmohan Singh  . After that we got the Harsh Mehta scam where Sensex tumbled from all time high of 4546 to 1980 low made in Apr 1993.  Next Major Bull market was seen from 2003 to 2008 where Sensex Rallied from 2900 to 21K and Nifty from 1000 to 6333 a run of almost 700 %.

From the highs of 1992 till 2003 Sensex did not did anything trading in the wide range in between we got the Asian Market crisis, Dot com bubble but overall Sensex remains in the range than the Big breakout came in 2003 and Sensex and Nifty saw a 7 fold rally till 2008.

So as per above analysis multi year Bull runs which we saw in 1989-1992 and 2003-2008 are always followed by mutil year of consolidation (1992-2003 and 2208-2014)where we see time and price correction.As shown in below chart Consolidation (1992-2003 )and Breakout and now again we saw a consolidation (2008-2014) and breakout.

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